Duncan Campbell Artist

Duncan Campbell Artist

Conceptual artist Duncan Campbell creates rituals that explore how our tribal past has determined our future.

To share artwork is to be a temporary guest in the life of someone else.

He tries to be a good guest.

Duncan deliberately hides meaning under layers of beautiful fun stuff and never lets the richness of his concepts get in the way of an experience. His intentionally varied practice includes painting, psychological intervention, publishing, projection, sculpture, installation, animation, fashion, furniture, community scale social intervention, weaving and the web. He bakes meaning into beautiful visual objects that improve people’s lives.

Fun, bizarre, outlandish, minimal, meaningful, playful, all these words can be used to describe Duncan’s exhibitions.

His rigorous artistic method includes a series of games of his own design, played alone and in collaboration with others. Most of Duncan’s practice deliberately avoids commodification. Indeed much of it is done privately for the benefit of a handful of participants because their experience is what matters.

Duncan interprets his anthropological research through totems and symbols inspired by the most ancient way of investigating the world, weaving a seemingly absurdist narrative.